Following the “Retouching the Palaeolithic” conference, we will compile an edited volume of the proceedings. With your contributions, we aim to publish the most up-to-date research on bone retouchers and related technologies. Most importantly, our intentions for the volume are to explore the circumstances under which these tools were integrated into the entire suite of emerging Palaeolithic technologies and how these cumulative innovations influenced human subsistence and other socio-economic adaptations across space and time. With this synthesis, we can add an important dimension to the ways in which tool use defines what it means to be human that will generate a lasting impact for Palaeolithic research.

Mirroring the themes of the conference, the volume will emphasise aspects of identification and methodology, time and space, and form and function, with an overarching focus on human behavioural evolution. These themes can be addressed through many archaeological sub-disciplines, and we welcome contributions that explore the use of bone retouchers and related technologies from faunal, lithic and cognitive perspectives. The “Retouching the Palaeolithic” conference has brought together individuals from a variety of research backgrounds, working on a wide array of temporal and regional contexts, with the goal of generating new ideas from presentations, conversations and debates. With that, we hope to offer a platform to stimulate future collaborations among the attendees, beginning with the publication of these proceedings.

The Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (Mainz) will publish a print version of the edited volume and offer an open-access version available through the RGZM publishing house website. We expect all attendees of the conference to contribute to the volume, so please discuss your plans for a manuscript with one of the conference organizers.

The deadline for submission of final manuscripts will be 29 February 2016.